Meal Planning

To me those two words frustrate me. I want to meal plan but just committing to do it is just something that I never do. I know it is very beneficial and can be money saving as well.

So what does meal planning involve?

It can be simple planning for your work week lunches to planning out a whole month of family dining. For me I need to start simple. I need to start with lunches and go from there. And I also need to focus on snack planning!

You need to ask yourself why are you meal planning? Are you trying to lose weight? Save money? Or are you just bored with what you have been eating and need more than quick fast food and frozen dinners? To me meal planning means eating healthier. I definitely could do better with what I eat. And again my snacks!

Are you on a low carb diet? Are you having to watch your salt intake or sugar? All these questions will apply to how you meal plan.

This week I am going to plan to meal plan. I want to enjoy my lunches again. So I encourage everyone to tell me what some of your favorite meal plans are. Feel free to share recipes or apps or websites that can be beneficial to others. Meal planning comes naturally to some and like me it can be intimidating. So bring on the ideas!


  1. Hi Amy. I’ve been meal planning for about 15 years or so now. It has worked out well, but does require daily discipline. I only plan my breakfast, lunch and snacks. I leave open dinner. When I get home at night, I prepare my meals/snacks for the following day. Many times, it is simply leftovers from dinner. Everything starts at the grocery store. I pick up what I need for the meals and then I’m set for the upcoming week. As an example, I just started consuming bone broth. I buy chicken thighs and cook in a crock pot. Once cooled, I pour into a large glass jar and then refrigerate. Each day, I take a cup or so with me to work as one of my snacks. Pretty easy to carry, microwave and repeat the next day.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing! If you don’t mind I may share this on my new Facebook page. I love the idea of chicken broth as a snack. I want to start making my own but haven’t. I’ve just been using a powder from Valley Health.


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