Positive Mind = Goals Achieved

I attended a free class today at the Salt & Light Wellness Studio here in my hometown and it really hit home. The first thing we discussed was our Mindset. I had to ask myself where my current thoughts were leading me and were they leading me to where I want to be. And the answer was honestly no. I have some life changes I am working on and I cannot achieve these goals until I have a better mindset. So tomorrow is day one of a more positive way of thinking.

How are your thoughts most days? Are they leading you in a positive way or are they holding you back? I am a dreamer, I constantly day dream and think about all the ways life could better. But guess what? All these thoughts are just that, thoughts. Some are just what they are, Dreams. But some are definitely attainable. But I am stopping myself from pursuing these dreams. My mindset isn’t where it needs to be. My mind has been very negative lately. I can allow things that have happened to bring me down or teach me lessons. It is my choice. So my choice is to learn from everything and grow from them. I also need to recognize how much anxiety plays a part in my thoughts. My mind literally tells me that “I can’t do it.” That I will fail. Yes I may fail. That unfortunately is a part of life. But without failure we cannot learn.

So tomorrow is Day One of a more positive way of thinking. It will not happen over night. It will not be easy. But overall I am a happy person. And I only want to encourage and help others. I talked before about keeping a journal and we touched base on that today in class. Write it out, everything. Good and bad. Goals and Dreams. Make it a habit. I would love to hear your goals. If you could do anything what would it be?

Please feel free to leave me a comment. I always love getting feedback. Make tomorrow a new beginning. We have to start somewhere.



  1. Hi Amy. I always enjoy reading your blogs and glad you able to attend the class. Goals have always been important to me. They can change over time, but they give us some point to which we can guide our journey. A few years ago, my family sat together and shared our life goals. These are goals for which we have set to achieve over a lifetime (i.e., some later than sooner). In any case, we found it helpful to share these so we could help each other accomplish. I also find it helpful to review from time to time so that I stay focused on them. I wish you well in achieving your goals. Alex

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    • Thank you Alex and thanks for sharing. We also talked about how important it is to have people to support you. That we have to have a support group to accomplish our goals. That is so wonderful that you and your family sat down and talked about your goals. Sounds like you definitely have an amazing support group 😊


  2. Love this post and this philosophy. I am responsible for my own happiness. Everyone is. Congratulations on your new positive mindset. Good luck achieving your goals!


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