Dream Big

Are you a dreamer? Do you sit and stare into space and think about all you could do? I am not ashamed to admit I am a dreamer. Unfortunately, I am a dreamer with high anxiety and never really make any of my dreams come true. I basically think that I could never make any of them happen. I day dream in my car, shower and when I am drifting off to sleep. I always have. I think it is almost a type of therapy for me. It takes me out of reality for a minute and lets me see myself somewhere different. Not that my life is bad, just not exactly what I planned. But honestly, who’s is?
Some dreams are small and very attainable. Some are a little big and more difficult to do or would take some time and risks to do them. Others are just that, dreams. Let’s go ahead and admit it, they will never happen, but they are fun to think about! I am not a huge risk taker and I also get easily discouraged. So, if I do take a small risk and I don’t start seeing results quickly I get frustrated and often think I cannot make it happen and give up. Or worse, I wonder what others will think. Will they think my dreams are ridiculous and unattainable?

One of my smaller dreams is to make this blog become something big one day. I think I could eventually do it, but I feel stuck at the same time. Life is crazy busy right now and it takes time and effort to really make something great. But I still dream about it, a lot. I want a blog that people can relate to and maybe even feel better after reading it. I want to be able to use my life and issues to help others feel better and realize they are not the only one dealing with struggles. I am by no means a professional and do not expect to really change someone’s life but how amazing is it to make at least one day better? So that is where I am at this point. Still day dreaming but trying to get more daring and try and start something big. Big for me anyways, the anxious day dreamer that feels her simple, silly life could maybe make someone else’s better at least for a moment.

Life is complicated and ugly sometimes and it can break us down. But it can also be so much more than that. We just have to believe we can make a difference and make it happen. I don’t want to give up on my dreams. Even when I struggle so hard with anxiety and depression, I still feel like I can use that for the good.

So please feel free to share this blog. Also I would love feedback about what your day dreams may be about? What do you wish you could do and what is holding you back from doing it? Thank you always for taking time to read my blog and helping me start my dream!



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  1. Hi Amy. I always enjoy your posts. Keep them coming and pursue your dreams. Take one step towards them every now and then and you will reach them.

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