Stretch, Foam Roll, Repeat

My blog was set up originally to be primarily a running blog. But after some blogs I realized I really wanted to make it an overall healthy living blog. So I still reference running but not as often. But I feel this blog is much needed.

After suffering through a not so easy run today I realized what I always realize, that I need to stretch and use my foam roller more often. I only ran 5 miles today but seriously feel like a ran a half marathon. I am stiff and sore. I know for a fact that stretching and using my foam roller will help me tremendously. So why don’t I take the time to do it? I don’t know, maybe I am lazy, or that by the time I get back home I have other things on my mind to do. I hear this common complaint with a lot of runners. “I need to stretch more.”

This really takes only a few minutes of our time and is so beneficial to most. I am not going to say it will fix all that ails you. But I do believe that it has the potential to help you feel better. So this week I am going to make myself take the time each day and stretch and use my foam roller. Just 10-15 mins or less each day to work on a better me. I have attached a link from for a foam roller available in different sizes. If you do not currently own one I do highly recommend buying one, and actually using it! I will be completely honest at the end of this week and let you all know how I feel. One last long run this weekend before I run a half marathon in two weeks and I need to feel better!

Any great stretches that you just cannot do without? Let me know!!

AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller | 36-inches, Black

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