Trail Running

So it is obvious that I love to run. Some days more than others. But what really gets me excited and happy is when I run trails. Most know that my first experience with trail running was a fail. It is so much different than road running. I left that day almost in tears and said I would never do it again. But after a little time I decided to get back out there and I loved it.

There is just something wonderful about being in the woods running. It is an escape from reality. You are away from civilization and all of life’s issues. And on most smaller trail races you can be alone literally for miles. This still can scare me a bit, only because I do not want to take a wrong turn and get lost. A mile on the trails is much slower for me than a mile on the road. But it seems to go so much faster because you have to focus so much on where your feet are landing and not falling. And because I am not super fast I do not focus so much on pace and trying to place, but I focus on just having fun. Don’t get me wrong, trail running is hard. It usually involves steep hills, mud, bugs, creeks to cross and yes the occasional snake or other critter. There are usually no toilets so there is that to deal with also. But it is where I love to be. I do not trail run as much as I would like so when I get the opportunity, I take it.

And because I love them so much I decided to really challenge myself. I have registered for a 50k! This will take place in December at Cloudland Canyon, Georgia. I am super excited and super nervous. I have so much training ahead of me. I have ran 2 marathons and a handful of 25Ks. So the thoughts of running a 50k is a tad bit intimidating. But I welcome the challenge and I actually need this for myself right now. And I get to accomplish this crazy goal with an amazing friend! So I will keep you all up to date on training and would love any tips anyone may have about running a 50k and how to train. Training won’t officially start till later but I will be focusing on slowly getting my long runs back to around 15 miles again. And running trails anytime I get the chance, which will be another race in 3 weeks!

So please share tips, or even stories with me on your experience on the trails! I would love to read them!




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