Challenge Yourself

I have not really talked much about the fact that I have registered for the Cloudland Canyon 50k on December 7. Up until now I really have not even stressed over it. (Which is not like me.) But really that was just me being in denial. Well now it is hitting home how terrified I am becoming. All the last minute details and stress are hitting home, hard! Am I prepared? Can I do it? Is the weather going to be bad? Can I stay healthy while everyone around me keeps getting sick? You name it, I have probably thought it.

But at the same time, I am excited. I am going to push myself to run 31 miles. 31 miles! My heart speeds up just thinking about it. And let’s be real, I will be hiking a lot of those miles. I am not speedy and I am not worried about a fast time. Although I do sort of have a goal time in my mind. We have a long cut off time of 10 hours, so I can do this. But I don’t want to be miserable. I want to enjoy the beauty that will be surrounding me. I want to be so happy to cross that finish line and be so proud that I pushed myself to do something I never thought I could do. I have been so fortunate to have good friends run so many of my training miles with me. I have not had to do this alone. Yes, there have been a few longer solo runs in the woods and yes I struggled but I have been blessed.

I am tired and I am so happy my taper is starting next week. One more double digit run and then not again till race day. I am not cut out to be a super long distance runner. It is hard for me and the training drains me. I have to really work hard to be able to finish a marathon and this race will be no different. But I have really enjoyed having a goal again this year. It has been a while where I really had a big race to train for and I needed that commitment. I had been in a rut and I needed to get serious again. But I will go back to the shorter runs and races after December. My goals will be different next year. Unless I fall in love with the 50k and knock it out of the park, I am pretty sure I am one and done. I will be so happy to say I did it! I am sure there will be tears that fall and there will be lots of beer to drink after I cross that finish line! So hopefully in a few weeks I will have an amazing story to tell everyone!

So get out there and find something that challenges you! Push yourself to the limit but enjoy the challenge along the way! And as always happy running!




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